Tīeke Tour

This is the final in my Wattlebird gig poster series, Tīeke Tour.

Once unceremoniously ‘expatriated’ from New Zealand’s mainland and exiled to perform only on small islands, the Tīeke (Saddleback) has yet to fully recover to tour its homeland once again. Unlike the Tuī, Kākā, Kererū, Riroriro (and even Karearea!) that regularly fly past my window, I’m yet to spot a Tīeke.


South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition


North ‘Taranga’ Edition

Screen-printed in two colours on 216gsm Environment paper stock ala Kōkako Come Back and The Huia Show. Availabel in the North ‘Taranga’ Edition, and South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition. 750mm × 500mm, edition of 60 each, hand-signed and embossed.




Also available in a remixed A4-sized letterpress edition.

Walter x Greenpeace

I had the privilege of designing the poster promoting the 2013 tour of the new Rainbow Warrior – make sure you get along and check out the state-of-the-art ship!

I was inspired by the great graphic designer and typographer Cassandre, and aimed to convey the history, future, and fight of the storied Rainbow Warrior. There are two versions, a limited-run offset print, and the street version you may see around town. The typeface in the limited version is Graphik by Christian Schwartz, and for the street version I used Jockey by Type Together.

Limited-run version:




Street version:


The National Anthem


While I was amping up for the last All Blacks test singing along to the Māori verse of our National Anthem, I wondered if it was a straight translation of good old ‘God of Nations’. With a little research I found it was written in the tune of G.O.N but with new lyrics by T.H Smith. Fortunately there is an english translation of the Māori version, done by Professor Timoti Karetu, so I now know what I’m singing. I prefer the Māori > English lyrics and thought they should be more widely recognised. This is an Endemic World exclusive, open edition giclée print using UltraChrome K3 archival inks on 210 gsm matte art paper, in A2 or A3 size. The decorative ‘A-O-TE-A-RO-A’ is set in a brilliant Joseph Churchward typeface, and the syllables are alternately coloured in our national blue and red.

Tīeke Tour


This is the third and final individual gig poster design in the Wattlebirds seriesThe Tīeke (aka Saddleback) were unceremoniously expatriated from mainland New Zealand due to the introduction of stoats, rats and other undesirables. Fortunately they didn’t go the way of their Huia relatives, and managed to survive on islands and continue to perform their popular tunes. A mainland comeback tour may be on the cards.


The titling font is my custom design based on the proportions of Trade Gothic. This is an A4 letterpress piece, printed by Magpie Press on 500 gsm Somerset stock, signed and limited to 70.


Wattle Bird Quartet

This poster promotes the entirely-historically-accurate nationwide tour of the classical-birdsong-performing Wattle Bird Quartet. The WBQ was made up of the Kōkako of Come Back Tour fame, the Tīeke from the soon to be released Tīeke Tour, and squad-leaders Mr and Mrs Huia – the very same featured in my earlier print The Huia Show.

The header typeface is my customised version of Engravers MT, with Joseph Churchward’s Newstype in support.

This is screen-printed with black on metallic gold cast-coated 250 gsm stock, that has a beautiful gloss finish. Limited to 70, signed and embossed. Big A2 size for your framing convenience. Available from the usual fine outlets, online from EndemicWorld.

Walter x PowerCo

Cato Partners Wellington asked me to illustrate the PowerCo 2012 Annual Report cover which turned out to be a fun task — check my Behance site for more pics.



It’s been far too quiet on the prints front of late, so here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months… a classical take on my Wattlebird gig series.



I have four of my Romantic prints up for swaps at Dustys & Lulu — if you have anything you’d like to swap get on over there and make an offer! Also check out their prints, they do all their own screenprinting and are constantly cranking out fresh stuff.





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