It would be nice to think the Kōkako have made a Comeback, but having never seen or heard one, I’d just like them to Come Back. This edition is split into two colourways – one for the blue-wattled North Island Kōkako, and one for the presumed-extinct yellow/orange-wattled South Island Kōkako. There are only 35 of each and it’s printed on the same stock as my previous print The Huia Show, hand-signed and embossed and available from Endemic World soon.

Now for some recommended listening: here’s a recording of the Kōkako song so you know what to listen out for… and Pearl Jam’s Come Back was an inspiration for this print too.


Here’s a sketch I did on the bus. Somehow it went from sketch phase to final with little change.

This is part II of my Wattlebird Gig series, so you’ll be able to guess what the third and final will be.