This is the final in my Wattlebird gig poster series, Tīeke Tour.

Once unceremoniously ‘expatriated’ from New Zealand’s mainland and exiled to perform only on small islands, the Tīeke (Saddleback) has yet to fully recover to tour its homeland once again. Unlike the Tuī, Kākā, Kererū, Riroriro (and even Karearea!) that regularly fly past my window, I’m yet to spot a Tīeke.


South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition


North ‘Taranga’ Edition

Screen-printed in two colours on 216gsm Environment paper stock ala Kōkako Come Back and The Huia Show. Availabel in the North ‘Taranga’ Edition, and South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition. 750mm × 500mm, edition of 60 each, hand-signed and embossed.




Also available in a remixed A4-sized letterpress edition.

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